With 25 years experience and the relentless determination to perfect his craft, Tim Adams deservedly holds a place as a very talented and respected DJ - straddling the complex arena of club djing, turntablism, exclusive parties, remixing, music production and radio. He is available to hire.





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My passion for music drew its first breath when Radio Rentals took our TV away. I was 10 years old.

I decided to explore my mother's vast record collection, the bulk of which represented the genres of folk and country. But, hidden in its depths were some real sonic treasures; after a short search, I unearthed Bob Marley’s Burning and the Wailers albums; Donny Hathaway’s Extension Of a Man; and the complete works of Ray Charles and Millie Jackson. Then there were the late nights, trying to tune in to Sunrise, Horizon, Capitol Radio or any other Soul, Funk, Dance or Reggae music shows — few and far between in those days. Greg Edwards and David Rodigan were Gods in my mind.

Mobile and club dj career took off in the 80s with residences abroad and the ministry of sound.

Ive since had happy broadcasting over the last 5 yrs.There is a universe of music out there for us all to enjoy; my goal is is to taste as many of its myriad flavours as is humanly possible.



DJG (Gary Collis) is a music junkie... he has been listening to and playing all types of music for many years.

Over the last decade as DJG-4-Sounds with a very smart professional approach together with a high level of service DJG is very busy entertaining in clubs, private functions, weddings and of course on Soul legends Radio.

DJG-4-Sounds is available to hire

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My love of music started at the tender age of 3, it was the Bay City Rollers back then.


My first taste of Disco and Soul music came from listening to the Saturday Night Fever album with my aunt in her bedroom during the late 70`s.


That’s when my music collection started growing. I got bought a record player for my 8th birthday and that was it.


I`ve always listened to disco, funk, soul, 80`s and of course dance/house music.. and i still do now.


Going to soul events in Brighton and Essex..listening to inspirational DJ`s like Paul Clark, Anna Cee, Bob Masters, Les Knott and Neville play some amazing soulful tunes. I thought I can do this.


So with a passion for always wanting to be a DJ from ever since I can remember and with a little help from a very good DJ friend that has encouraged me to follow my dream – here I am!!


I started getting into music at school and progressed to doing gigs at parties.  One of my main DJ influences was Pete Tong.  I love 80s soul/funk disco / and slow jams from the 60s and 70s.


Neil Greaves persuaded me to start on internet radio and I first started on Platinun Grooves Radio and then moved to SLR (Soul Legends Radio) about two and a half years ago. I currently present the Saturday Night Dance Party between the hours of 9pm and 11pm and the Sunday Soul Box between 1pm and 3pm.



I played my first record when I was 6 years old, it was one of my brothers.  Music has always played a key role in my life as it was always being played about the house while I was growing up.  My dad was a drummer in a swing band during the war.  I played my first gig when I was 12 years old for a family party and that's when I realised I wanted to become a DJ.  I played my first paid gig when I was 14 years old for a local football club dinner dance £50 back then.  After that I became very busy and relied on my parents to drive me to all my gigs until I passed my test.  I was asked to audition for a local night club in Richmond, Surrey and I got the resident DJ job and did it for many years.  I then stopped to get married and drifted out of the DJ circuit for many years until now where I met a couple of local DJ's in my area and asked me to play at an all-dayer and then it all started again for me and being introduced to David Brace who helped me join Soul Legends Radio.


Liz "Lizard" Montgomery, broadcasts from a small farm near Houston Texas. Liz enjoys live music and travels frequently to hear bands from the funk, soul, blues and rock genres. Liz enjoys sharing new and favourite tracks from these bands and many more! Tune in on Tuesdays for an energetic and entertaining show!


In terms of music as far back as I can remember I have always loved music and was playing my Mum

and Dads records collection from a early age on my very own second hand record player. It was not soul but rock and roll and crooner’s from a collection of 78’s that I had been given. There was not a day when I did not have some form of musical tune in my head and I always felt that I needed more. So much so that I even pushed my mother into buying a pair of shoes because it came with a copy of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John and Kee Kee Dee.


My introduction to DJing came in the early 1980’s when I and a school friend use to DJ at his house on two turntables and a collections of vinyl records. We use to pretend we were on the radio and I have had the desire to play records for peoples enjoyment ever since. I was not a blue eyed soul boy in those days but someone who was a metal head and got his enjoyment from bands like Iron Maiden and AC/DC. The conversion to Soul would come much later.


It was during this period that I really got heavily in pirate radio station like Radio Caroline and Lazer 558 which I could listen to quite freely as I was living in Kent at the time and they broadcasted from the North Sea. I like the idea of free radio and the fact that they were non-play listed. The DJ just played out of the record box. In 1987, I went to work in London and started to listen to pirate stations like Kiss and JFM who played mainly soul and disco. A light switched on in my head and I knew then that this was not only the music I needed to listen to but also to play; the trouble is it took me 25 years to realise that dream thank to radio Winchcombe.


The Crazeology Radio show is not your traditional jazz music show as we like to play music across the spectrum’. The concept arose from the many different radio shows that I have listened to over the years bringing then all together as one.



I've always been into music but prior to 1978 it was basically chart stuff. Then I heard Evelyn "Champagne" King's Shame and it all fell into place. Been passionate about music ever since, with soul and those of a similar genre being my "weapon of choice".


I was approached by LMR to do a show early 2015. Having never done anything like this before I approached it with trepidation and I'm SO glad I gave it a shot. It's just a great fit and has made me realise I know more about music than I ever thought! And landing a slot on SLR has to be my highlight of 2015 and I'm humbled every week by the reaction of listeners. LONG MAY THIS CONTINUE!



Chris joins us from Boston periodically for some blues enriched music.  Widely known at the Voodoo Priest of The Skysplitter Sessions, his music is not for the faint of heart!


Chris loves his blues and is bringing up his three daughters to listen to it and not that Top 40 junk!!


When I was 17 I started working as a roadie for my brother Tommy Newhart who was just starting out as a DJ.  Worked in all the usual working man’s clubs and pubs along with people like Robbie Vincent and Capital Radio DJ Kerry Juby.  Trying to make ourselves as professional as we could, we soon found ourselves working for 3 agents.  From then on, away it all went.


During my career in the music industry I’ve worked in many prestigious venues including The Natural History Museum, Ally Pally, The Imperial War Museum and I was the first resident DJ in the London Dungeon, setting the equipment up on the Tieburn gallows and playing from a coffin I made myself.  Fantastic hard working days.


People I’ve worked for: The Morleys who organised Miss World, Steven Spielberg, Mick Hucknall, Sarah Ferguson to mention just a few but the one I am most proud of was playing at the 40th birthday party of Tessa Peake Jones aka Raquel in Only Fools and Horses – Delboy’s wife.  Met all the cast and the writer John Sullivan.  Still have a big soft spot for Gwyneth Strong. (Cassandra).


And here I am now having a great time with the “SLR” boys and girls who have made me very welcome and I feel very at home. Feel free to get in touch via any media method that is available to you. It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

Soul Legends Radio is getting bigger and better every day. Catch me every Sunday 9am till 11 and Wednesday evenings from 10 till midnight. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Yours.... The Reverend Clive Osborn.


A little bit about myself, I was born in Camberwell, London but we moved to Peckham soon after where I spent my childhood and youth until the early 80's where we then moved into Kent.

Music has always been a passion of mine starting back in 1977 when I was a young DJ on 'Radio Starline' every Friday from 7/8pm with Mike D (aka Michael Webster).


We eventually extended this to a 2 hour show, playing Soul, Funk and Motown - new tunes then!!  As my name was considered unusual I had to find a DJ name I could use because we would broadcast locally namely Clifton Estate armed with just a car battery, transmitter, an Aerial and a tape recorder as we had to record shows then to avoid the authorities.


My DJ name then became 'Mark Doyle' after a character in a series at the time called 'The Professionals'.........later to be shortened to MD as it still is today.  Over the years I have been associated with many 'Pirate' radio stations, some of these being:


  • South London Radio, London
  • Thames City Radio, Kent
  • Illusion F.M - 1996/2000


When Illusion ended I hung up my headphones and the vinyl's only came out for personal use and/or Parties.

In 2011 I was approached by two good friends of mine Scottie EQ and Martin 'The goose' to join them on a station called Fresh, it took me a while to decide to give things another 'go' and I spent just over a year presenting my kind of music with them from 2012-2013.

After leaving I contacted Juice, who were then on the look-out for presenters, as I felt my kind of music was more in sync with their format.


I spent about 6 months or so with Juice before they merged with CruiseFM where I stayed for another year or so.

That is when I was contacted by Soul Legend Radio. So here I am now playing the same tunes I did when I first started out although now considered ‘Old Skool’…….but in my mind, the best kind of music and I love them just as much now as I did ‘Back in the Day’!!!! I hope to be playing music for many years to come. And as we say “If it moves funk it“.


All the Best….. MD


I started DJ'ing at the age of 16 and have held a passion for music for as long as I can remember. I began doing local youth clubs and friends parties and it has flowed from there. My musical tastes are varied but are based primarily around Soul, Reggae and Dance music.


Rufus Stone "The Housewives Choice" 50 50 Show on Soul Legends Radio - Wednesday Night 10.00pm

A Soulie from birth named after Nat King "Cole" which is Rufus Middle name, and born in the "Soul Power" year of 1968. Currently hailing from East Berkshire in the Thames Valley via way of South West London with two daughters Atlanta and Hope, Rufus was destined for stardom, meeting and commuting to school every day with "The Pasadenas" "Riding on a train" was originally called "Riding in my dads car" as The Pasadenas members Michael David and Geoff journeyed every day.  During that time Rufus hooked up and played football with Noel McKoy , of the family McKoy, JTQ and the Disciples of Soul, there friendship exists to this day.

At the tender age of 10 Rufus loved the "Jackson 5", and the first single he purchased was "Heatwaves - Boogie Nights" in 1976. Growing up (Never) and graduating on, he discovered gems like Walter J Negro – Shoot the Pump, Perry Haines “Whats Funk”, Was not Was “Out Come The Freaks”, The wham D-Trains “You’re The One For Me” slapped him right between the chops, frequenting establishments such as The Bon Bonne Nelsons, Elton's (Tottenham), and travelling far and wide to hear those choons. Rufus and the Wandsworth Soul Mafiosi, took on dismantling a hole (sic) brick wall to join two chalets at the 1986 Barry Island SoulWeekender, honest gov. Then oh the 90s Rufus stood true to his roots, not following the sheep and waving his hands in a field, but discovering artists like Art Madison and Omar Chandler . His assistant at work Viveen said she could sing, so she later became vocalist for DrizaBone , and latterly Raphael Saadiq via the Toni’s Anthony Hamilton and Dwele.

A chance meeting and subsequent wrestling match with our Bev, not mention the magical Crisp packet on the tube forced Bev to broadcast Rufus inaugural podcast , and the rest is history. In all seriousness the 50 50 show is 6 days of listening and dedication, leaving no "Stone" unturned to bring The Listeners Station the best of the best.  With a new show planned for the Spring and 4 Christmas New Year specials “The Housewives Choice” believes you have to have the future to embrace the past.  Now what did ever happen to The Pasadenas and go google the new Rufus Stone movie!



Once upon a time in a test tube far far away...........

His noodleyness created a Jockey …not the horse type …but the disc type ,,,one that spun vinyl to make sounds.


He named him, or she if you prefer (his noodleyness is omni sexual), KILTYK.

After travelling the wilderness of various pubs clubs discothèques and radio stations he finally came to roost on SLR.


A vision appeared to KILTYK, the great noodleyness (see omni sexual) said unto him ,,,KiltyK go forth spread the music of the soul (sometimes blues, reggae and R&B) to the masses, as KiltyK sobered, sorry awakened, he knew what he was tasked to do.


Join KiltyK as he spreads the gospel right here on SLR (check schedule for details)



My first excursions into music got me listening to rock: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and others that were around in the 70s. That is, until I heard James Brown’s ‘Sex Machine’ at my mate’s mobile disco one Saturday night. That ended up being a life changing moment.


Since then, I’ve loved and collected jazz, funk and soul music, and have been buying tunes for many years.  I can well remember queuing up outside my local decent record shop in Brighton, waiting for the latest tunes to come in so I could buy them after working all hours at many different jobs to fund my ‘addiction’

These days, prior to having played in bars and clubs in Singapore, I spin the old wheels of steel very occasionally, just for fun at friends’ parties, but I am not what you would call a professional DJ at all. In fact I’m nowhere near one, but it’s all done for the love of music and seeing a smile on people’s faces when you get it right.


I still love the classic tunes and I’ve never forgotten my roots (with a little help from Bev and the rest of the guys on the station), but I am also into Nu Disco and re-edits, Nu Jazz, Latin, Broken Beat, Electronica, Soulful House and even the odd cheeky bits of Drum and Bass. 

The list of DJs who have inspired me over the years is long and distinguished and range from Froggy, Chris Hill and Robbie Vincent, to Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge, Russ Dewbury and ‘Nippon’ Nik Weston and more recently DJ Butcher, 80‘s child, Yam Who? and Doctor Packer – and, of course, the guys and girls who play on Soul Legends Radio. As they say, quality never goes out of style.


So here I am courtesy of Gee, Bev and the SLR team ready to dig into my crates to see what I can bring to you. I just hope you enjoy the shows as much as I enjoy putting them together. Any feedback you have is always welcome!


Big love to you all and thanks for stopping by.



Whilst I'd always liked funky, soulful music, it was 1974 when I became totally hooked. I 'liberated' a copy of Kool & The Gang's 'Greatest Hits' and was simply mesmerised by the pure funkiness of it all.


Since then, I've always loved a good bass line; percussion; Fender Rhodes piano and the good aloud Clavinet.  A 'veteran' of the North West & Midlands 70s & 80s club & all-dayer scene, with venues such as Rafters; Manchester Ritz & Blackpool Mecca being particular favourites, a move into DJ-ing and radio presenting were the logical here I am, 40+ years down the line and as dedicated as ever!!!!!!


My only regrets are never going to Manchester's Haçienda; New York super clubs Paradise Garage & Studio 54 and Caister!


Soul Legends Radio plays a variety of music including, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Funky House, Balearic Chillout, Lounge Vibes, Raggae, Motown, House,

Hip Hop and 70's and 80's. Soul Legends Radio is fully licensed for PRS for Music and PPL Broadcasting Licensing.


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